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Our Staff

The Co-op staff includes Lead Teacher Gina Girala, and Spanish Teacher Ana Maria Renouf. They have been teaching at the Co-op for over 15 years. Both teachers have been trained in Early Childhood Education and are very committed to the children and their well-being. Ms. Gina has a Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science, a Child Development Associate Equivalency (CDAE), and a Director's Credential.


  • 40 hours certification from The Department of Children & Families
  • 10 hours of additional instruction annually
  • CPR & First Aid

Our Practice: Parental Involvement

Parents at the Co-op are required to assist in the daily duties of running the school. These duties include preparing the school before the children arrive for the day, setting up snacks, keeping the school clean, and leading or assisting in an art, music, or educational activity.

Parents must also attend general membership meetings held every other month and take on a job position for the school year. Job positions include School Librarian, Snack Menu Coordinator, Bulk Purchaser, Field Trip Coordinator, etc.

Families of children attending Monday through Friday are required to work three days per month.

Families of children attending Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are required to work two days per month.

Families of children attending Tuesday and Thursday are required to work one day per month.

Mothers, fathers, grandparents, or other adult family members may work and participate in school activities.